ATIVIDADE 1. GIRL POWER After deadesof male-dominated Hollywo...

ATIVIDADE 1. GIRL POWERAfter deadesof male-dominated Hollywood leads, it appears that some recent releases are startingto lave the field. Films such as Gravity, The Hunger games: Catching Fire, Frozen and Maleficent all featured leading ladies and reaped hte benefits. According to database Box of Office Mojo, these films have taken in a combinated $3.6 billion worldwide. Why the shift? Because the majority of cinema-goers are female. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the cinema attendance rate for female ( 70% ) is highter thanthe rate fo males ( 64% ). And the Motion Picture Association of America reports than in 2013, 52% ofus moviegoers were women.
From Reader’s Digest. Australia, Vol.187,n. 1115, January 2015 p.118.

1. Write T (true) or F (false).
( ) The main character in Gravity is a woman.
( ) Movies with female protagonists have become successful.
( ) Most, moveiegoers are male.
( ) The cimena attendance rate for females isn’t as high as the rate of males.

2.According to the text, what do Gravity, The Hunger games: Catching, Fire, Frozen and Maleficient have in common?
( ) The main character of each movie is a woman.
( ) They are very succesful movies.
( ) They are old movies.

3. Complete the following senteces with this word:
a. is a change in something.
b. is how often something happens.
c. is the main character in a movie or play.
d. is something that is made available to the public, especially a new movie or album.

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